What sports is Ahead of the Game working with?

The program was initially developed in partnership with the national sporting organisations for AFL, basketball, cricket, football, swimming, and tennis - six of the most popular sports among Australian adolescents.

After interest from other sports in the region, we opened up Ahead of the Game for other sports, including rugby, golf and hockey. We are not currently recruiting new sports to the program for the time being.



What about female adolescent mental health?

The initial program has been funded as part of Movember’s male mental health initiative and adolescent males are therefore the focus at this time. In the future, we may investigate whether aspects of the program can be modified to suit girls’ sports as well.



Do I have to participate?

All participation in Ahead of the Game is voluntary. If your club signs up to the program, you do not have to participate or provide data unless you want to. Consent will be sought from individuals before any data is collected, or any of the programs commence. You may see Ahead of the Game materials around the club (e.g. posters), but you do not have to provide any personal data to the project team if you do not want to.



Can I withdraw from the program?

You can withdraw your consent to participate at any time during the project. This will not affect your relationship with the project team, your club/sporting organisation, or the University of Wollongong. In the event you choose to withdraw your consent, your data will be deleted. 



Will I be expected to treat mental health problems?

No, you will not be responsible for treating any mental health problems. The program is designed so that people will understand how to access help from an appropriate service, if necessary. The project team can help with any such queries throughout the project. 



My son wants to participate but I don't. Can he participate without my involvement?

Yes, your son can participate in Ahead of the Game and you do not have to. If your son is aged 12-15 years, you will need to provide consent on his behalf before he can access the program material. Likewise, you can participate in the 'Number 1 Supporter' program as a parent/guardian, even if your son does not want to participate.